Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Did She Have

I have always loved Marilyn Monroe
Why was she so sexy
What did she have that made her that way
She just seemed to had the look, talk, etc
What happened to that look
Things have just gotten out of hand with the celebreties now


F is for Forgiveness
A is for Available
I is for Impossible
T is for Turn
H is for Heaven

Forgiveness - everyone has sinned and needs God's forgiveness - His forgiveness is in Jesus only

Available - God's forgiveness is available for all - available but not automatic

Impossible - according to the Bible, it is impossible to get to heaven on our own

Turn - means to repent - turn to Jesus alone as your Savior and Lord

Heaven - is a place where we will live with God forever - eternal life begins now with Jesus

Monday, August 30, 2010

I am out of work - Now I should be able to post more

Well, I am out of work now.  So, I can get back into my posting.  I am unable to do any crafts right now due to some medical issues.  So I don't have any crafty things going on.  I have started pitting puzzles together.  I really enjoy doing that. 
Times Square
I went to NY years back and I loved spending time there

NC Lighthouses
#1 attractions in NC to me

Humming Birds fly all around us
God's smallest & cutest birds

Count me in

Circut Addict

Circut Addict