Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Editorial to the news of History being lost

This was published this week, October 9, 2008. I responded to what I felt was a wrong thing to do. This is from the Outer Banks Sentinel.

Don't lose history
First, I think it is a shame that Nags Head does not have Cottage Row as a historic district. Why is that? That is a part of history that will never be done again.Why do they need another multi-bedroom structure there? Is there not enough of that now? I believe someone needs to work on preserving that area. The area will be so up-to-date that the magic of Outer Banks will be gone and all we will have will be multi-bedroom houses that are not even homes to anyone - just somewhere to make money.There is more to the life on the beach than just making money: make memories. I am so put out with how everyone is thinking of making money and nothing else. People need to wake up! There is a life out there. Stop thinking about money and enjoy what you have. A lot of people, like myself, would love to have a cottage on Cottage Row. Wake up and look around!!

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