Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The Outer Banks in NC (OBX) is bracing for Hurricane Earl.  His name is Earl and NO ONE wants him. My prayers and thoughts are with the Locals that have been blessed to live in such a wonderful place.  I am constantly watching and listening to the weather channel.  If God wills, I will leave there one day at Ocracoke Island.  The entire OBX is under this warning.  Hurricane Earl, Fiona, and posslibe another one is brewing up and heading our way.  Please pray for ALL these people that maybe impacted.

He is what the people of Ocracoke has to look forward to.

A state of emergency has been declared for Hyde County effective 9 PM Tuesday, August 31. A mandatory evacuation has been issued for all visitors and residents of Ocracoke beginning at 5 AM on Wednesday, September 1.

The NC Ferry system will be on a first-come, first –serve basis for all vehicles open to Hatteras, Swan Quarter, and Cedar Island pending road conditions in those receiving counties. Schedules and toll collections are suspended during the evacuation order.

Emergency services, government agencies, commercial vendors delivering essential groceries and supplies, and permanent residential traffic as indicated by purple and green stickers will be allowed on the island via air and marine traffic. The State Highway Patrol may restrict access without appropriate credentials.

Before leaving, residents and guests in this area should take precautions such as moving cars and equipment to higher ground. Please pick up potential debris that could become unsecure during the storm.

People with medical needs and unique situations are urged to consider their options. Hyde County public safety services will cease after winds reach 50 mph sustained.

As seen in the past, hurricanes are unpredictable and can change with little notice. Residents and visitors need to remain vigilant and not let your guard down.

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