Thursday, February 3, 2011

A few more items I have done the past couple of weeks

It has been so dreadfully cold outside that I did not want to go out.
Now you know that is cold.
Here is a few items I made during the past couple of weeks.
A warm earthy color scarf I knitted with a crochet border

Can't tell by the picture but this is a soft baby blue knit scarf

Nautical Flags- last name made in Plastic Canvas

I pray that all is safe and healthy during this winter season.  I know it has been cold and a lot of my friends are dealing with the blizzards up North.  Hang in there Spring is getting closer and closer, day by day.


Hug someone today and tell them how much you love them.


Dee said...

Hello My Friend,
I am so sorry that you haven't heard from me. I have been thru so much these past few months. I miss talking to you & I am so glad that you are posting again too.
I love what you have crocheted & the plastic canvas is wonderful. I really need to start doing that again.
Great job & please tell me, who is that gorgeous guy? Hey even this old lady can dream, LOL.
Love ya, Dee

OBXdreaming said...

Ain't he gorgeous!?!
That is my man, Kenny.
Ever seen him before?
That is Kenny Chesney, country singer. I don't listen to country music anymore, but I have about all his CDs. I still listen to him.
Fine piece of work there, right?

Anonymous said...

I love that first scarf!!!
I like the pattern......

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